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We have been a club for more than 40 years and our membership is currently over 70 members.

The M.E.E. Club started on January 19, 1982, so we have enjoyed 40 years of making minis! For

Our membership is currently more than 60 members, from all across Canada (and a few from the US). When the pandemic hit, the Miniature Enthusiasts of Edmonton (M.E.E.) Club made a smooth transition to meeting and conducting workshops on ZOOM.

We meet on-line every Tuesday night at 7:00 p.m. MST. The first Tuesday is our General Meeting. On this night "mini" business is discussed along with a "show and tell". Birthdays are celebrated with a miniature birthday present. Sometimes there is a demonstration or a video following the meeting.

The third Tuesday of each month is a workshop, also starting at 7:00 p.m. and lasting about 2 hours. In addition, the club usually holds one or two all day workshops every year on a Saturday, usually in the spring and fall. Other half or full day workshops are sometimes periodically scheduled, depending on what we are working on. Our workshops appeal to both the beginner and advanced miniaturist. They are optional and the cost of kits is usually quite reasonable. All other Tuesdays are general chats to discuss and show off what we are working on.

We periodically host special events, such as on-line or face-to-face garage sales, and for the last two years of the pandemic have done a virtual Show and Sale. 2022 marked our return to a face-to-face Show and Sale.

A membership in the Miniature Enthusiasts of Edmonton is $20.00 a year, which covers attendance at all meetings, workshops and chats. If you're curious, you can check out our Operating Guidelines and Bylaws. We welcome all new members, beginner or advanced. Our goal is to enjoy our love of miniatures and dollhouses and to encourage our creativity by learning to make "mini" things and to learn from other members. We have a lot of fun and many wonderful friendships have been made in our club.

For more information about joining M.E.E., contact our membership chair, Margaret Wolfe, at

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2024 MEE Show and Sale

Save the Date! The 2024 Show and Sale will take place on September 15, 2024 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Royal Hotel, Trademark by Wyndham Hotel, 10010-178 Street, Edmonton, AB.

The 2021 Show

Although we had hoped to return to our face-to-face show this year, it was not to be! And here it is... the Miniature Enthusiasts of Edmonton's 25th (and second virtual) annual Dollhouse and Miniatures Show!

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It was with regret that we cancelled our 24th Annual Show and Sale. But we didn't let a little thing like a plague stop us! We went virtual! The virtual show premiered on Sunday, September 20, 2020, and remains on-line for your viewing pleasure.

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Cathy Verbicki


Cathy comes from a multi-generational miniature home- her mother was also a miniature enthusiast! Both her and her mother Nora spent years in the Miniature Enthusiastic Club together and have many special memories of creating together and encouraging each other. Now Cathy has been in the club for 30 years and counting, and this is her first year as President. Wherever Cathy goes she is known as a warm welcoming person making everyone feel comfortable and included. She hopes to extend that to any new member who would like to join the club. Cathy also has a love for learning about other cultures and history which brought her to working at the Royal Alberta Museum for many years. Whether you need a good lunch spot or good conversation Cathy is your woman.

Erika Baker

Vice President

Erika feels that she has been interested in small things most of her life but didn’t join the Club until 2009. She built her first dollhouse when she was expecting her third child ( she thought she was having another boy and to her surprise her daughter arrived ). However her daughter has not been interested in minis so Erika is trying to entice the grandkids to enjoy them. She has worked in most scale’s including G-scale buildings for her husband’s backyard model railroad. Even though your life can become chaotic at times you can always create a perfect world in miniature.

Kyla Shegelski


Kyla first became interested in miniatures while visiting her cousin in Montreal - she had decorated her bookshelves with miniature food and Kyla was inspired to try making her own out of polymer clay. Since joining MEE in 2015, Kyla has expanded her interests to all things miniature and has been truly inspired by the more experienced members of the club.

Tina MacDonald

Workshop Coordinator

Tina has been involved with miniatures ever since her husband bought her a dollhouse on their honeymoon, in 1976. She sells her miniature kits on Etsy, and is responsible for organizing 8 workshops per year for MEE. You can contact her through the email link above.

Sandra Kitchener


When Sandra’s first granddaughter arrived the dream to build a dollhouse came to life. Joining the Miniature Enthusiasts of Edmonton helped her achieve this dream and her granddaughter is very proud of what they accomplished together. With two more granddaughters and two more houses completed she is now enjoying building in smaller scales and sharing her love of all things small with her grandchildren. She hopes to be able to work with the club to showcase and inspire others with the amazing pieces created by our clubs’ creators.

Pat Makarowski

Estate Donation Coordinator

Thinking of downsizing your collection of miniatures? The Miniature Enthusiasts of Edmonton will accept donations. Pat ensures that your collection of beloved treasures is handled with care and compassion. Your special minis will find new homes where they can continue to be loved and admired. To get more information email Pat at the link above.

Margaret Wolfe

Membership Coordinator

Margaret first became interested in miniatures when a friend convinced her to try her hand at creating miniature paintings She has been a member of the Miniature Enthusiasts of Edmonton for many years. As Membership Chair, she is likely the first person you will contact in the club. Just send an email to:

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Maureen Moller

Technical Services

Maureen went by a Dollhouse Shop on her honeymoon in 1983. In 1987, Maureen joined the Miniauture Enthusiasts of Edmonton club and has enjoyed the hobby and all of the friendly miniaturists who share their knowledge and skills since then. Maybe I was inspired by my 7 yr old favorite Disney ride.

Past Events

MEE Chat25 Jun 2024Online Event
MEE Workshop18 Jun 2024Online Event
MEE 3D Printed Kitchen Accessories Workshop21 May 2024Online Event
MEE Rug Kit Workshop16 Apr 2024Online Event
MEE Basket Making Workshop19 Mar 2024Online Event
MEE Plates and Painting Workshop20 Feb 2024Online Event
MEE Workshop Kitchen Accessories23 Jan 2024Online Event
MEE Workshop 1:48 Fimo Food28 Nov 2023Online Event
MEE Workshop 1:12 scale Fimo Food17 Oct 2023Online Event
MEE Workshop Cookbooks and cooking Magazines19 Sep 2023Online Event
MEE Workshop - Using a Book for a Backdrop - with Marg. M16 May 2023Online Event
MEE Workshop - Nightlight Follow-up class with Tori West26 Apr 2023Online Event
MEE Workshop - Making Fairies and Fairy Wings with Holly W.18 Apr 2023Online Event
MEE Workshop - Paperclay Night Light with Tori West15 Apr 2023Online Event
MEE Workshop - Garden Arbour with Tina M.21 Mar 2023Online Event
MEE Workshop - Glass-Blowing with Tom Brown25 Feb 2023St. Albert, AB, Canada
MEE Workshop - Paperclay Techniques with Tori West21 Feb 2023Online Event
MEE Workshop - Unboxing the Jane Harrop kits11 Feb 2023St. Albert, AB, Canada
MEE Workshop - Unboxing Tufty Burrows04 Feb 2023St. Albert, AB, Canada
MEE Workshop - Building Trees with Jim Baker and Barb S.28 Jan 2023St. Albert, AB, Canada
MEE Workshop - Landscaping with Barb17 Jan 2023Online Event
MEE Workshop - Cricut Machines with Nikki15 Nov 2022Online Event
MEE Workshop - Twig Furniture with Carol K.17 Oct 2022Online Event
MEE Workshop - Preparing to Build a Garden20 Sep 2022Online Event
MEE Workshop - Sink and Storage with Tina M.19 Jul 2022Online Event
MEE Workshop - Chairs with Marg Wolfe21 Jun 2022Online Event
MEE Workshop - Rolling Craft Cart with Maureen M.19 Apr 2022Online Event
Ruth Stewart Workshop - Tools for the She-Shed22 Mar 2022Online Event
MEE Workshop - Junk Journal with Carol K.15 Mar 2022Online Event
MEE Workshop - Artist's Easel with Marg Wolfe22 Feb 2022Online Event
MEE Special Workshop - Lighting Seminar with Liz West25 Jan 2022Online Event
MEE Workshop - Straight Desk Chair with Tina MacDonald18 Jan 2022Online Event
MEE Workshop - Crafting Desk/Bench/Table30 Nov 2021Online Event
MEE Workshop - She-Shed Construction: 1:12 with Maureen H. and 1:48 with Liz West19 Oct 2021Online Event
MEE Workshop - She-Shed Inspiration with Tina M.21 Sep 2021Online Event
MEE Workshop - Book Nook Exterior with Marg W.29 Jun 2021Online Event
  • All meetings, workshops and chats now take place on ZOOM

2020 - 2021

This year, with the help of Zoom, MEE intends to explore Book Nooks.

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Basic Tool List for Miniaturists

Basic Tool List for Miniaturists

If you've got all the things on this list, you can make just about anything!

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Primer on Framing and Mitring

Primer on Framing and Mitring

A useful primer on mitring and framing.

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Thinking Outside the Box

Thinking Outside the Box

Looking for inspiration for your next roombox or miniature scene? Want to build in something entirely unique? Can't find just the right container to build that scene you've planned in your head so long?Here is a list of fifty unique containers that can be hollowed out, emptied, transformed, turned upside-down or otherwise modified into roomboxes.

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Organizing your workroom

Organizing your workroom

It's hard to work in a mess. Here are some ideas to help you organize everything you need.

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Primer on Faux Finishes

Primer on Faux Finishes

Series of articles taken from the November 1995 Nutshell News on decorative painting techniques for miniatures. Topics included marbling, stencilling, bambooing, spatter painting, verdigris, rubber stamping, faux wood techniques, spongework, stippling, and crackle.

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Primer on Building a Shadow Box

Primer on Building a Shadow Box

Brooke Tucker once said "Miniatures are art. And like all good art, it should be framed to enhance the art and to focus the viewers attention." This tutorial teaches you how to turn any picture frame into a shadow box to display your minis.

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Make your own Electric Sander

Make your own Electric Sander

Do you ever have a problem sanding your minis, especially delicate operations like getting laser burn off tiny breakable quarter-scale pieces? Then this sander is for you. You can easily make one for yourself out of a Braun Oral B battery operated electric toothbrush (or any other round headed electric toothbrush from the drug store).

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Make Your Own Upholstery Cording

Make Your Own Upholstery Cording

It's often difficult to find just the right cording to embellish miniature furniture. This article allows you to make your own from embroidery thread.

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Tips on Painting and Finishing

Tips on Painting and Finishing

A few short tips on improving your painting and finishing techniques.

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Creating a Faux Leather Finish on Upolstery

Creating a Faux Leather Finish on Upolstery

Hate that fabric covering an otherwise lovely wing chair? Cover it in Leather!

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Building Kitchen Cupboards

Building Kitchen Cupboards

Building cupboards is like building any other piece of "case" furniture. Basically, it's a box with a drawer/door on the front. These are non-working drawers/doors, and are "just for looks". Any piece of furniture that incorporates a box can be built using these techniques.

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Everything You Need to Know About X-Acto Knives

Everything You Need to Know About X-Acto Knives

The most useful miniaturist's tool is an X-Acto knife or other craft knife. Find out more about the different blades and their uses.

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Rehoming Your Miniatures  image
In order to assist miniaturists who can no longer continue in their hobby, or their family and heirs, the Miniature Enthusiasts of Edmonton would love to help you rehome your miniatures. We offer a variety of services:

  1. We accept donations of miniatures for the use and benefit of the MEE club.
  2. We will also provide advice to those who wish to sell the miniature estate themself. 

Please email Patricia Makarowski (, our Estate Donation Coordinator, for help. Someone will be in touch with you to help you with rehoming your miniatures.

Miniature Enthusiasts of Edmonton Club Operational Guidelines and Bylaws Documents

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