Joanne Root


Though still surrounded by a plethora of 1" scale minis waiting for a home, once Joanne tasted 1/4" scale, she was hooked! She's now completed many 1/4" (and smaller) kits and has many more waiting "in storage". She's a real champion for M.E.E. and promotes the Club and hobby wherever she can.

Maureen Heuchert

Vice President

Maureen is the club's expert on "Trash to Treasure" and going with her on a shopping trip to a dollar store is a real learning experience. Truly, she has the eye of a miniaturist. Maureen also produces our New Members Handbook.

Kyla Shegelski


Kyla first became interested in miniatures while visiting her cousin in Montreal - she had decorated her bookshelves with miniature food and Kyla was inspired to try making her own out of polymer clay. Since joining MEE in 2015, Kyla has expanded her interests to all things miniature and has been truly inspired by the more experienced members of the club.

Tina MacDonald

Workshop Coordinator

Tina has been involved with miniatures ever since her husband bought her a dollhouse on their honeymoon, in 1976. She sells her miniature kits on Etsy, and is responsible for organizing 8 workshops per year for MEE.

Cheryl Schofield


Cheryl started with Barbie scale, and is slowly working her way down the scales, but always about Halloween.

Pat Makarowski

Estate Sales Coordinator

Making sure that estates are handled with care and compassion, Pat brings much-loved minis to new homes where they will be treasured.